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Jas, United Kingdom

"Work has been good - so much better than an office job. The best moment teaching is when it suddenly clicks for someone and they get the hang of it! I've made loads of amazing friends and I'm thinking of doing a second season in Canada for sure."
Norquay, Ski internship, Canada


Isaac, Canada

"Its been really good so far. Training has really helped me and I passed my level one! Made amazing friends here and even managed to find myself a girlfriend. As for instructing its been pretty good. Very busy but its nice to be earning more money. Although I don't think it will be a career choice for me. As of now I am just treating this as a vacation and its been really fun."
Revelstoke, Ski internship, Canada


Donal, Ireland

"Revy is the bomb. Passed the level 1. Really enjoying the teaching and the resort. The snow conditions are crazy. Ready to crack on with my level 2 now. Thanks again for all your help."
Revelstoke, Ski internship, Canada


Maddy, Australia

"Been awesome so far, I’ve loved every second. I passed the level 1 which I was so happy about I’m now thinking of going for my level 2 at the end of March. Starting work was fun and I think went smoothly, favourite teaching moment is too hard as there’s been so many, I’ve really enjoyed it when I’ve seen people progress massively."
Canyons, Snowboard internship, Japan


Jonathan, Australia

"Going really well over here. Passed the level 1 course with flying colours. Loving working here, really relaxed and fun. Haven't had an outstanding favorite moment as everything has just been so good."
Canyons, Ski internship, Canyons


Hari, United Kingdom

"Been having an amazing time out here in Japan since I first touched down in Tokyo. The EA guides were so helpful and fun taking us around Tokyo and helping us get our gear ready to start training. Training was really fun and full on which I enjoyed. My trainer was awesome couldn’t have hoped for someone better."

"Teaching wasn’t as I expected it to be. I really enjoy it so much more than I thought and really wanna pursue this as a career. I think one of my favourite moments of teaching so far was with this kid I was teaching for the day. He’d been doing everything really well and picked everything up pretty quick. We were going up a chairlift and he said to me that skiing might be his new favourite sport. This to me was so great to hear because that’s what I really love about this line of work, getting the chance to pass on that love of skiing and really see people develop and start to love it themselves and have fun."
Canyons, Ski internship, Canyons


Jack, United Kingdom

"Absolutely loving it over here!! The snow has been great and the experience on a whole couldn't have been better. Super happy with how smooth it's been running throughout thanks to Joannie and the EA guys down in Tokyo."
Evergreen, Ski internship Japan


Mitch, Australia

"A piece of advice, if like me you were looking into this program but not sure if you are gonna do it, just take the plunge and do it, you won't regret it! Cypress is a beautiful mountain with a huge variety of terrain and mountain views on one side, and ocean views on the other, truly no other resort is quite like it, as for EA, these guys are with you from start to finish, making sure you have visas, accommodation, orientations all set upon arrival, they give you everything you need and are willing to help out as much as they can. I cannot recommend this program highly enough, it's incredible and if you can, you should do it"
Cypress, Ski internship, Canada

Amber, United Kingdom

"The level 1 exam was great and I'm loving life in Nozawa, my favourite moment so far has been when kids I'm teaching have told me that I'm their favourite adult (Not that I really see myself as one) and there so happy that they've got me as a teacher, I'm also enjoying seeing how much people are starting to like something I love so much."
Canyons, Ski internship, Japan


Sean, Australia

"The powder is insanely deep, on Tuesday I was skiing in powder 1m deep and it’s just generally wicked in the trees as well!! Teaching has been awesome, my favourite moment was teaching an 8-year-old, I had him on the first day he'd ever skied. I then had him on and off over the next 4 days, and on his final day, I was able to teach him to ski parallel down steeper intermediate slopes which was absolutely awesome!"
Evergreen, Ski internship, Japan 


Claire, United Kingdom

“The level one was enjoyable and I have now signed up to my level two in March! I can’t pick a favourite moment of teaching, there have been so many! I’ve made so many new friends and am planning on coming back next season.”
Norquay, Ski internship, Canada


Cory, Australia

"The best 5 months of your life! Why stay at home doing the same old stuff with the same old people when you can wake up each morning with a huge smile on your face thinking of your new day's challenges and antics! I challenge anybody thinking about doing a season to listen "play it safe" by Seth sentry then tell yourself what type of life do you want to live? 
Big White, Dual internship, Canada 

Patricia, USA

"Well to start off, the trip to San Francisco was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed getting to know the other EA members before we arrived at the resort. Once arriving in Lake Tahoe, everyone settled into their condos, it was nice to be close to everyone for the first two weeks, it allowed us to socialize and build great friendships. Our two-week training was very informative and educational. We trained for two weeks on snow before we took our exam. I felt very prepared to sit the exam. We also got to know our trainers very well throughout training. Getting paid to snowboard is so amazing...I do not want to go back to my other job! Everyone who has a passion for the sport should at least try this out for a season!"
Northstar, Instructor Internship, USA

James, Australia

"My experience with EA Ski and Snowboard was amazing! Teaching snowboarding was so much fun, it's the best job I've ever had. We started off with 3 weeks of intense training to get us prepped for doing our CASI Level 1. The trainers were so great and they understood that on powder days we should get some free riding time. The 3 weeks training is so encompassing that it even allowed a few of us to also get our CASI Level 2 later in the season. Some of my favourite moments from the season were learning a tonne of new park tricks and the amazing powder day we had on Boxing day. I can't wait to get back on the mountain for next season and start teaching again!"
Cypress Resort, Instructor Internship, Canada 

Nora, Finland

"This has been and continues to be a massive experience for all of us and I'm just so happy to be in my element here in Queenstown, New Zealand! We are all absolutely loving the whole mountain life." 
The Remarkables, Instructor Internship, NZ 2017 Winter SeasonNora

Nora, Finland 
"By Sunday we’d all collected those highly anticipated red jackets and were already working, half of us at the Remarkables where I’m based and the other half at Coronet Peak. I knew we all looked the part that first day as all of a sudden people were coming to me with questions. I took my first lesson and it was then that I realised that getting paid to do something you love is one of the best things."
The Remarkables, Instructor Internship, NZ 2017 Winter Season


Elizabeth 2

Elizabeth, Hong Kong
“EA made my life pretty easy! The fact that everything is pretty much arranged and all I have to do is show up to training, work hard on my skiing and also get an invaluable experience working with NZSki is an opportunity that gave me more than I could ever have asked for.”
The Remarkables, Instructor Internship, NZ 2017 Winter Season



Hunter, USA
“A great adventure and learning experience. I feel like I was able to really get my foot into a new industry within a few months allowing me to work around the world!”
The Remarkables, Instructor Internship, NZ 2017 Winter Season

BeckyBecky, Australia 
“EA has been by far the best experience of my life. I've met great people in the program and supported by our awesome program manager and amazing NZSki trainers. Would definitely recommend the experience.”
The Remarkables, Instructor Internship, NZ 2017 Winter Season

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 Alastair, United Kingdom
“Absolutely loved it here, meeting new friends and starting my way through a new career, everyone has been really friendly and helpful. The work was good and gave me so much more confidence going into the level 2 with that teaching under my belt.”
The Remarkables, Instructor Internship, NZ 2017 Winter Season

Robert Klemarczyk Northstar resized

Robby, United Kingdom 
 “I chose to do the ultimate plus programme because it would give me the best chance at getting an instructing job in the future. I enjoyed my time doing the course so much! I learnt such a lot, and being able to ski every day if you wanted was the dream. Being able to actually work, and get stuck into the instructing industry was awesome, and helped me learn even more about different ways to teach and adapt to suit different people. My plan is to finish my degree at university and then travel back to NZ to do another season, and then go from there to either Canada or Japan for the following season.” 
Northstar, USA - 2015/16 season 

Christie Heiskari 3

Christie, Australia
"I really liked the guaranteed job offer after passing my level 1 exam. I was very busy and got a lot of work, I improved my skiing ability and the training was great. This winter was all about amazing memories, new friends, and awesome skiing.” 
Big White, Canada - 2015/16 season

Amber 3

Amber, United Kingdom
“I think it's a fantastic idea to partner gaining qualifications and attaining a job. After speaking to so many another qualified ski instructors, they all agreed that EA is a fantastic program to get involved with to guarantee a job. The contact with the team was fantastic, even with a distance from NZ to the UK the communication stayed constant and informative when initially booking onto the course, Rich, Adrian and the team did an amazing job. The accommodation was great and I also really like the addition of a Facebook group where all people who signed onto the course could chat and have names and faces. I definitely will not be forgetting this winter, it has been sensational. I have met so many amazing people who I know will be lifelong friends, friends who have helped me in so many different ways. My skiing ability has rocketed, I have had training from some of the best skiers I have ever had the pleasure to ski with. I have taught some amazing people and had some brilliant lessons, I've made contacts who I can visit all over Asia. If I could do it all over again, I would not change a thing, I cannot thank the team at EA enough.”
Club Med, Japan - 2015/16 season 

Tim Thorstensen, New Zealand Tim Thorstensen
“Amazing season experiencing a new environment away from "normal life" can completely change ones perspective on what work really is. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to inspire other people to follow their dreams. I had loads of fun and would definitely recommend EA to a friend. The EA Rep support in resort was excellent and the guided training was the most beneficial for me.”
Cypress, Canada - 2015/16 season

Emilija RupsysEmilija, Australia 
“The best thing about the EA program was the awesome people you get to meet along the way, it was lots of fun and I improved a lot. I would happily recommend EA, it’s been an incredible experience making unlikely friends and going in fantastic adventures! This has been the best winter of my life, thanks EA!”
Mt Norquay, Canada - 2015/16 season


Rachael, Australia Rachel Davis
“I got just the right amount of work and the course gave me the opportunity to get teaching experience and a foot in the door for the snow instructor industry. The accommodation we stayed in was excellent and unlike other courses, EA gave me the experience which really helped with becoming a snowboard instructor. The course also gave enough time to practice my snowboarding.”
Revelstoke, Canada - 2015/16 season 


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Jack, United Kingdom 
This course literally introduced me to my new career and was heaps of fun. I had a great time and my skiing improved 100% too.
Lake Louise, Canada - 2015/16 season 

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Alex, United Kingdom 
"I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of you guys at EA, especially Chris King and Ben for you support and making this the best 5/6 months of my life (so far). I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Revelstoke and intend to return next season (fingers crossed!)."
Revelstoke, Canada - 2015/16 season 

Malachy 3
Malachy, United Kingdom

“Awesome fun, fantastic life experience and the start of a career. The EA internship was an easy package and everything was simple. My ability on snow really improved and the quality of the training was great.”
Canyons, Japan - 2015/16 season 


“I had always wanted to work in the ski industry for my GAP year but all of the programmes I had searched only offered training but no work experience. EA provided me with the answer. The programme was awesome, I developed my personal skiing, met some great friends and passed my level one exam - and now I am putting all this to use with a job as an instructor in Canada!"
Guy Martin, United Kingdom

“I participated in the snowboard training and examination program in Lake Tahoe and it was the best time of my life. I learned so much and met some great people along the way. It‟s been a great experience and I am looking forward to getting further involved in the industry. I would recommend the course to anyone as it gives you great confidence and self-esteem, and it is a lot of fun!”
Peadar Maloney - Ireland

"The internship in Japan was just epic. I learnt so much during my course and met heaps of awesome people. Firstly Japan was just such an amazing experience. The snow... UNREAL. I was a bit freaked out about going to a new culture but we had our little EA team bubble and our clients were all English speaking. Now I am a level one certified snowboard instructor! I am so glad I took this opportunity; it has been amazing and an experience I would recommend to anyone with a passion for the snow!"
Olivia Munro, New Zealand

"I just wanted to say on behalf of 2 parents thank you very much EA, the experience you have given Robert has been amazing and is exactly what you state on your publicity. The guaranteed work after qualification is an incredible package. Our son has a friend who foolishly used another organisation for a similar experience in Canada, to date he has obtained his Level 1 but couldn't get any work, his parents forked out more money so he could obtain his level 2 and still he couldn't find any work and they are now having to send him money to cover the rent on an apartment he had to find himself, he is currently stacking shelves in a supermarket to make ends meet and is thinking of coming home".
Parents of Intern

"All I want to say is EA have been a thoroughly professional organisation and have done everything they said they would and for this we thank you. This has been the experience of a life time for our son and he has made so many new friends from all over the world that I‟m sure he will never loose contact with. Ian Chitty - England ”The three-week training course was a great experience. I learnt so much and improved my own riding in such a short time; which is no coincidence considering the teachers and instructors are world class. A great life experience!“
Neil Richards – USA

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