Candidate Checklist

Welcome aboard!

We’ve put together this checklist to ensure you’re prepared and ready to go for your winter season!

Please print this page, and check the boxes as you go. And please get in touch if you have any questions!

Visas & Passports

If you require a work visa it is extremely important that you get this underway, processed and confirmed as soon as possible. Please follow the visa application instructions as outlined by the issuing consulate, embassy or agency carefully to ensure you complete all required steps. You will receive an email from us with more information in the next few days. Contact us if you are unsure.

  •  Visa (if applicable)

Please email us to advise once you have your Letter of Introduction (Canada) or Visa in your passport (other Countries).

Visa Confirmed and EA Advised

If you hold a passport for your destination country but are not currently residing in that country you may be required to present a Birth Certificate, Certificate of Citizenship or Certificate of Birth Abroad before you will be issued with a tax identification e.g. SIN, Social Security, IRD number. Please check with the relevant authorities in advance to ensure you have the required documents.

  • Other Documents (if applicable)

Most countries require your passport to be valid for at least 6 months after your planned date of return to your home country.

  • Passport Validity

Criminal Background Check

Your employing resort will require you present a criminal background check at the commencement of the program. When you apply for your criminal background check please get at least 2 copies. One to be submitted with your visa application and one for your employing resort (only required for Canada).

  • Criminal Background Check

Email and Facebook

Make sure you have an email account that you can check regularly from anywhere i.e. Gmail, hotmail – ensure you check your junk mail folders also. Please also join our Facebook Group and any Resort Groups we set up as we may provide updates and more information here. Plus you’ll be able to meet others going to the same resort.

  •  Email Account
  •  Facebook

CV’s, References, Photo and Videos

We require two written references. Where possible please provide an employer reference. If you are still at school you can supply a school reference. If either of these are not available please ask someone that knows you well (not a relative) to be your referee. The reference should be on letterhead. While we have no set format for this your referee may like to include the following information:

  • The capacity in which they know you
  •  How long they have known you
  • Your strengths
  • Your communication skills
  • If they would recommend you as an employee
  • Anything they consider important
  • Their name and contact details
  • Two Character References
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • We also need you to provide us with a Curriculum Vitae or Resume. This needs to directed towards applying for a ski or snowboard instructor job. It should be professional, no more than 1-2 pages, and also include personal information, academic information, previous employment information and your interests. Click here to download a template you should use.
  • Please name your file 'Your Name - CV', or for references 'Your Name - Ref 1' (or Ref 2)


  • Videos

If we have told you that you may be placed in New Zealand (or we have asked you specifically) you will be required to provide us with a video of you skiing and/or snowboarding. You may also be asked to provide a video of yourself giving an introduction and answering some questions. Please be prepared in advance with your ski or snowboard footage as this may require some planning. You should also get footage of your skiing and/or snowboarding if going on a ski holiday or to a snowdome, as they may be requested by other resorts also.

  • Photo

It is now a requirement that all interns include a passport style image on their CV, please use the following guidelines:
Head and shoulders only/ Big smile/ Clear, not out of focus/ Neat, tidy hair and clothes i.e. wear a shirt or jacket zipped up/ No piercings/ Clean shaven. All photos please sent as email attachments, preferably jpeg file.

*Note – You will need to email your CV and references and photo to [email protected]. You are required to use Google documents to upload and share your required videos with us, please share with [email protected] . If you unsure as how to do this click here for instructions.

Flights and Insurance

Coordinating everything you need to live overseas can be a bit of a headache. To help you get set up, EA have an exclusive global partnership with STA Travel that gives you to preferential service, better deals, the right travel insurance policy and ensures you are grouped with others on the correct flights for your course.

To ensure you get the exclusive deals available you must use the below contact details, rather than visiting your local/nearest STA Travel branch.

Please note – For internships at Canyons resort in Japan you are required to have a policy with personal liability cover of 30 million JPY or more. This may sound like a lot, but its actually not, all of the STA Travel insurance packages will cover this quite easily. 

STA offers EA Ski & Snowboard participants:

• Price beat guarantee (for all UK and Australian outbound flights)
• Discounts on travel insurance.
• Multi-flex passes which allow 3 free date changes (for UK outbound flights). We recommend this because it is hard to know when the snow will stop falling / season will finish)
• Free cancellation on flights so you can confirm your seat at a great early rate.
• Group seating and domestic connections required so you can travel with others on the program

Note: You should not book flights until your eligibility to travel (working holiday visa or tourist visa if applicable) has been confirmed. 

Please check with us prior to confirming your flights, or ensure your ticket can be changed. A flexible ticket is best as you may like or need to alter your arrival city and/or return date.

  •  Flights Booked

Once you have confirmed your flights please email us your, Flight Number, Departure Airport, Departure Date & Time, Arrival Airport, Arrival Date & Time.

  •  Flight Details Emailed To EA

It is very important to ensure you have an approved insurance policy for the duration of your program. Please discuss your personal travel insurance requirements with STA Travel to ensure the policy you buy is adequate for you. In most cases you will be covered by your employer for any work related injuries. You will still need general travel insurance to cover you when you are training or not working. We recommend ensuring your insurance is in place when booking your program with us, or at least before making your final payment. Your insurance should include cancellation cover to protect you in the event you are not able to go due to medical reasons.

  •  Insurance

Your STA Travel Contacts

Note* Please use email as your first contact and make sure you inform the agent that you taking part in a program with EA Ski & Snowboard. If you have any concerns regarding this or any difficulty contacting or organising your arrangements with the following contacts then please contact us directly.

United Kingdom
STA Travel UK
Your EA Consultant: Zac Greed/Matthew Appleby
Phone: 0161 258 0701
Email: [email protected]

STA Travel Australia
Your EA Consultant: Carly Skurnik
Phone: 1300 362 960
Email: [email protected]

New Zealand
STA Travel Auckland Office
Your EA Consultants: Terri Wright
Phone: 09 303 9556
Email: [email protected]

Other Countries
Please email us at [email protected] and we will assist you.


Some resorts offer employee housing or alternatively you can live with other trainees in an apartment or house. We will assist you in finding accommodation for the season but you will need to be proactive.

Accommodation is included for the duration of your level 1 training and exam period. Payments outside of this period are not included and in some cases you may be required to make payments in advance. We will email you more information closer to the start of your program.

  •  Accommodation Secured


You will need your own ski and/or snowboard equipment for the season. There will be opportunities to purchase equipment once you’re in resort but you don’t want to make a rushed purchase. We suggest bringing what equipment you have to get started with. You may be able to purchase ex demo or rental gear on arrival also. Some stores will give discounts upfront and once you’re qualified there are often opportunities to receive ‘pro form’ which offers a substantial discount on retail. Look out for further tips and info on equipment from us by email.

  •  Equipment Plan in Place


Our Japan Internships are the only programs that require you to hold a drivers licence that is recognised in the country. This means if you are coming on one of our Japanese Internships, you need to get yourself an International Drivers Permit (note if you do not have a drivers licence in the first place, you don't need to worry).

Recognised internationally, an International Driving Permit (IDP) allows the holder to drive a private motor vehicle when accompanied by a regular driving licence from your home country. The ski schools we work with in Japan request that you apply for an IDP if you are a current license holder. As well as being useful for identification purposes, the IDP can often help with the amounts of work available when able to travel to other resorts.

You can apply for a IDP here:  UK    AUS    NZ