How to get an instructor job

The Problem... It’s a Chicken and Egg Situation

The number of instructor jobs available around the World are limited. Breaking into the industry and working as a ski or snowboard instructor is not easy.

“Our Snow School receives hundreds of instructor applications every season but outside the EA Internship Program we don’t look at any unless they have a level 2 certification and at least one season experience behind them.”

There are a number of courses on the market offering instructor training and certification pathways at resorts all over the globe. But we often hear similar complaints time after time from participants:

“I am level 2 certified now and spent lots of money getting here but I have applied for heaps of jobs and cant get hired anywhere!”

It is a ‘chicken and egg’  situation where one needs experience to be hired, but without it no-one will hire them! EA was founded on the idea that a program could be set up to fast track this confusing and difficult situation and get you from where you are now, to wearing a uniform only a few weeks after starting training.

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The EA Internship Difference

For over a decade here at EA Ski & Snowboard we have been establishing relationships with the world's best resorts and crafting a unique opportunity for new instructors to get a foothold in this difficult industry. This means you can start teaching and earning money in the same season that you train and qualify.  The EA internship difference makes available to you this unique opportunity at a wide range of world class resorts. 

The Pre-Departure Guaranteed Job Offer - Your Solution to the Chicken and Egg Problem

Being an EA Intern means you get an opportunity to not only develop your own skills to the necessary standard needed for instructing, but also provide a Guaranteed Job Offer to teach at a top Snow School in Canada, USA, Switzerland, Japan or New Zealand. The job offer is sorted before you leave home so you know it’s all lined up.

With qualifications and a season of instructing under your belt you are now employable to either the same resort, or any other resort. You have now bypassed that frustrating “chicken and egg situation”. 

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The nitty gritty – what’s it like working as an instructor?

Working as a ski or snowboard instructor is a road to riches for some - there are tales of those who have been tipped cars, holidays, wads of cash and slink effortlessly from the pow with their perfect goggle tan to pick up their next girlfriend from the après ski bar...

The reality for most is that as a new instructor there is lots of hard work and long days. We don’t like to sugar coat things here at EA. Ski towns are notoriously expensive to live in so being at the whim of the weather and ski school bookings can be tough at times, especially on the finances so we always recommend new instructors are prepared for this.

Rest assured instructing is the best way to have an epic winter, ski and ride amazing snow, get to know the locals and make a heap of new friends from around the world.

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