How to create the perfect winter

11th October 2017
Create the perfect winter

Just as getting through summer un-burnt, yet tanned, with experiences to match your skin-colour is an art unto itself, the perfect winter combination comes with its own set of challenges and hick-ups. All you need though to create the perfect winter is a few tips and tricks up your sleeve. Here are our basics to get your winter plans sorted!

 1. Start thinking now

Firstly, the key to creating the perfect winter is to start thinking about it now. I know, it’s only October… Winter doesn’t properly come until December. Well if you want to be there when the powder is falling with a bunch of friends in tow, then start thinking now about how you can make that happen.



2. Tick of all the big stuff

Secondly, tick off all the big stuff such as accommodation and a job lined up so you won’t get halfway through the season with no money, no place to stay and have to ring the parent’s helpline for a plane ride home. Yes, I’m talking a job, and I’m talking accommodation. EA can help with this major list item. Join us on a ski instructor course and accept a guaranteed job with accommodation included. You’ll be on the slopes all winter long plus you’ll look pretty steezy doing it!

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3. Exercise is key

Next, start thinking about that pre-season exercise regime – you don’t want to be that guy that gets taken out half-way through the season with the oh-so-common, ACL tear in the knee. Get going and work on strengthening your key muscle groups now to prevent these types of injuries. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself later.



4. Have a few recipes up your sleeve

Ask mum (or Mom depending on where you’re from, yes, I’m talking to you Brummies and yanks) for a few cooking tips. As much as it’s fun to live off instant noodles, knowing how to cook up a stir-fry or some pasta dish every once in awhile may come in handy. 


5. Plan for every weather 

Next, don’t let the weather surprise you. You are heading into winter after all so dress for the occasion. Bring all those base-layers, mid-layers, shells and heavy-duty coats. You might just need them… and girls! As much as that little black dress may look good on you when you head out on the town, I’d invest in a pair of tights to go with it.


6. Save, save, save 

Are you a traveler at heart? Well if you are, then save up those precious pennies as best you can because you will have loads of new buddies from your course that may just want to go for a post-season backpacking holiday through Thailand, or a road-trip through America with you.


7. Get going! 

Finally, winter is more than just a season, it’s a lifestyle and once you get the winter bug you won’t look back so start getting excited!! 


Download your free instructor starter kit today to sort out your job and accommodation with EA! We will help you set up your perfect winter!!