Ski Instructor Course update - Getting paid to ski!

25th March 2013

Now an officially qualified ski instructor the next part of Sasha Thelning's instructor course is to jump on the skis and start work! Here is how it all went..

Training was over and teaching was about to begin! We all gathered on our first day excited to teach a lesson. Some of us were thrown in the deep end and were given a level one or two lesson, while a few of us were given the chance to shadow another instructors lesson to see how a lesson would play out.

By our second day we were teaching!! My first lesson was a level 3, the little boy was really cute and was telling me all about what he wanted for Christmas and how he had given his fish skis and ski cloths so that his fish was able to ski on the little mountain in the fish bowl!!!

I have so far taught levels 1,3,4 and kinder! The kinders are ages 3-4 and are very cute and some of them are pretty good skiers and fly down the mountain doing turns and in complete control, it's pretty crazy!!

On the days that we have no lessons in the morning one of the instructors favourite things are two go and get unlimited buffet breakfast for $10!!! A couple of us went this morning and ate so much food! We had bacon, eggs, sausages, hash browns, waffles, cereals, fruit, little muffins and Danish scrolls. It was very delicious!!

On Christmas day there was about 15 of us that we're not working so we hired three cars and went on a road trip. We were not driving anywhere in particular we were just checking out the scenery and any local attractions that we can across! The car that I was in drove all the way to jasper and had lunch it was really tasty. We then drove to Banff to meet up with everyone else and have a Christmas dinner!!!

For more information on the course Sasha is on, check it out here - Ski instructor internship