World class skiing and snowboarding at the hottest resorts in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Japan and Switzerland.


Our resorts have been picked carefully from around the World to offer you three things:

  • The best instructor training to get you qualified
  • The best variety of terrain to enjoy, shred and explore
  • The best employment opportunities to earn money 

Our team is knowledgeable about all of our resorts, so enquire and they will be able to help you choose one that suits your skills, goals and fulfills all your dreams!

Japan flag


Boasting an average of 16 metres every winter, Japan is an undeniable heavyweight in the ski industry, and the secret is out. EA Ski and Snowboard Training work with English speaking interns to offer them jobs at impressive mountain resorts and snow villages Japan wide. A ski season in Japan can seem a bit daunting at first; the cultural differences, the food, the language... but these things are also what makes Japan exciting and EA has been running courses there for years so sort everything for you....