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A dream resort with expansive ski areas and long seasons.

EA is proud to offer Ski and Snowboard instructor training at Nozawa Onsen Resort. Nozawa is a true snow paradise, and is renowned as one of Japan’s most superb and expansive winter sports areas. The resort ranks among top in the country in terms of size, history and snow quality. The abundance of quality powder allows you to enjoy skiing well into early May.

There is a huge variety of terrain here, including a fantastic Snow Park, with skiing and boarding for all skill levels.


A season at Nozawa will give you the real deal Japanese season. A quaint traditional village, steaming onsens (hot pools) everywhere, beautiful architecture, amazing local food, sake and culture, ski-in-ski-out accommodation. This is the perfect resort if you are looking for a genuine Japanese experience. You’ll never forget a season here, or the bucketloads of powder…

Where Doing Course Start End Price
Internship Ultimate
Nozawa Onsen Ski Internship Ultimate 22 Nov 17 Apr 2019 USD $8975 Enquire
Nozawa Onsen Snowboard Internship Ultimate 26 Nov 17 Apr 2019 USD $9975 Enquire

Check out what's included:


  • Skifield sits under Mt Kenashi (1,650m)
  • Total ski slope area of 297 hectares
  • Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort has an incredible 36 trails, check out the trail map here
  • Uenotaira Snow Park is around 2km long, including kickers, boxes, rails, and a half pipe
  • In town there are a total of 13 public hot-spring baths known as “Sotoyu” which are a common asset for locals 

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Interns will stay in one of the local ski lodges. Costs are minimal as they are subsidised by the ski school, and are approximately 30,000 Yen per month and are all-inclusive with internet and breakfast. 

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Living & WORKING at Nozawa Onsen

Throughout the season you will be expected to work hard when it’s busy but also be prepared for times when work is quieter, during slower times of the season.

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Nozawa is a beautiful village that combines a cultural experience of Japan with some of the best snow in the country. You’ll need to study up on onsen etiquette as there are over 20 hot baths which are free to use in the Village. Nothing like soaking in hot water while it’s snowing! Nozawa is a once in a lifetime experience!

One event not to be missed is the Dosoujin Fire Festival. This festival started in 1863, and is held on January 15th every year. Dousoujin is considered one three most famous fire festivals in Japan. The numbers 25 and 42 are considered unlucky ages in Japan, so the villagers of ages 25 and 42 make an 18m beechwood shrine. The main focus of the festival is a lively battle, where the 25 year-olds attempt to burn the shrine, and the 42 year-olds protect it. As with most festivals in Japan, a fair amount of sake is drunk during these proceedings. Its insane!

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What its like to do a season at Nozawa Onsen? Check out this video…