Snowboard Instructor Courses in Canada

Canada is for many, the first thought when people think of winter sports and snowboarding. Canada has hosted almost all major competitions and has resorts for almost every type of rider. Our Canadian snowboard instructor courses have been custom built to pull together the best parts of a winter season in Canada.

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Snowboard Instructor Course in Canada


For almost a decade we’ve provided snowboard instructor courses to adventure keen snowboarders from across the globe. There are infinite reasons to do your ski instructor course in Canada with EA, here are just some of the benefits you will receive:

  • Full training & exams - Internationally recognised qualifications that let you instruct across the globe
  • Guaranteed paid job offer – With almost all of our Canadian snowboarding courses we offer a guaranteed paid job offer for the same season
  • Accommodation - Comfortable living accommodation is included while you train to be an instructor
  • Employee Lift Pass - Ride and shred to your hearts desire with a employee resort lift pass
  • Great course crew – Make friends for life with between 8 and 32 other people on our Canadian courses.
  • Instructor friendly Resorts - A resort which is good for holidays isn't necessarily good for a snowboard instructor. We handpick all our resorts to offer the best terrain and potential to earn money as an instructor.


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"The season I've had at Cypress has been amazing. I can't thank you enough!"

David Brown, USA

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" I would recommend this course to anybody and everybody in the world, as you'll never forget the experiences you have."

Ewen, Northern Ireland